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Raw Elements remix comp Empty Raw Elements remix comp

Post by Stray on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:19 pm

Saw this on another forum and thought some of you producer types may be interested in having a crack. Here's a copy paste of the thread by Sc@r:

"Remix Competition!
At Raw Elements, we are always looking for new talent, and with the amount of fantastic material coming from producers at the moment we've decided to run a remix competition. However, instead of asking you to remix a known Raw Elements track, we decided to set a challenge and ask any willing participants to remix an upcoming release, with the winner having their track released with the original. The track in question is:

Sc@r - Acid Porn Monkey

Here is the link to the remix pack:


In the pack you will find the audio samples used in the track, including the "Acid Porn Monkey" sample by none other than Dj Smurf, along with the midi for the main riff. So with so little to go on, there is room for creativity and some varied mixes!

Here are the rules.


The copyright for the live vocals contained in this pack are owned by Raw Elements, so they must not be used for any other projects. No exceptions.
The finished submission must be a 320kbps MP3 or wav. Please use yousendit, sendspace, mediafire or any other file hosting provider which is secure, and leave a message using our contact page.
Do NOT share your remix with anyone else when finished. If your remix is chosen as the winner, it will need to stay exclusive to us for the time being. If your remix is given away, then you will be disqualified.
You are allowed to post shortened, low quality clips of your remixes if you wish.
The closing date for the competition is Wednesday 14th September.
You are allowed to submit multiple entries if you so wish!

If we cannot decide on a winner, then we may release more than 1! We'll have to see.

Best of luck everyone!

Kaylene ( Scar) and Steve Uplift"

Love to see you guys have a crack, would be awesome to hear one of you guys doing a Freeform remix and winning it Smile

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Raw Elements remix comp Empty Re: Raw Elements remix comp

Post by Dyzphazia on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:38 pm

That would be somewhat EPIC.

May have to try my hand at this one!! Very Happy

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