New Breaks Mix: TeleKinetic Confetti Cannon (Cuttin' Biscuits)

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New Breaks Mix: TeleKinetic Confetti Cannon (Cuttin' Biscuits) Empty New Breaks Mix: TeleKinetic Confetti Cannon (Cuttin' Biscuits)

Post by djsaiyan on Sat Dec 03, 2011 3:13 am

While talking with a friend of mine at a party one night, she happend to mention that she's a big fan of the breaks label Cut & Run, and it's offshot Crisp Biscuits. Well as it turns out, so am I! I own almost the entire catalogue for both labels. I had been meaning to make a mix like this for a while for my own listening pleasure, but I figured I'd be nice and make it for her instead. She's had it all to herself for a few weeks, so now it's time for you guys to get your turn at it.


New Breaks Mix: TeleKinetic Confetti Cannon (Cuttin' Biscuits) 5803748

Saiyan - TeleKinetic Confetti Cannon (Cuttin' Biscuits)

Click Here To Download:

In For The Pill - Cut and Run
Worriers Dance - Cut and Run
Public Enema - Cut and Run
Gangsta's Parody - Cut and Run
Jigga What? - Crisp Biscuit
Simon Says - Cut and Run
No Good - Cut and Run
Trouble In The Jungle - Cut and Run
Maneaten - Crisp Biscuit
Missy - Cut and Run
Hyperspeed - Cut and Run
Rocker - Cut and Run
Apache - Crisp Biscuit
Get Jiggy - Crisp Biscuit
We Got Power - Crisp Biscuit
No Name (Vocal Mix) - Crisp Biscuit
For An Angel - Crisp Biscuit
Perfect Drug - Cut and Run
Blind - Cut and Run
Song3 - Cut and Run
Shrivel - Cut and Run
Tetroid - Crisp Biscuit
Move It - Cut and Run
It's Like That - Cut and Run
Outta Space (Booty Space Mix) - Cut and Run
Don't Go (Breaks Mix) - Crisp Biscuit
Hello - Cut and Run
Zelda - Cut and Run

Click Here To Download:

All of these tracks are readily available online through Nu-Rave's MP3 store.

For Cut & Run downloads, go here:

For Crisp Biscuits downloads, go here:

And as usual, download more my hardcore mixes right here! and my euro mixes here!

All questions, comments, bookings, death threats and sex slave applications (THIS SERIOUSLY HAPPENED), hit me up at:

Website: <- Getting built eventually

I have a few mix projects on the way, and some tracks I've been working on as well. Expect to hear those soon!

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