New Mix: Sort of Not Really Live Volume 10

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New Mix: Sort of Not Really Live Volume 10 Empty New Mix: Sort of Not Really Live Volume 10

Post by djsaiyan on Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:28 am

Back on November 18th I performed at an event for Mushy Tea Productions called Locally Grown: Magic Mushrooms (a reference to the homegrown talent playing at the event, and the 1up mushrooms from the Mario Games). I was asked to do a two hour set consisting of entirely video game remixes.

This turned out to be harder than I expected. I had to stretch quite a bit. Some of the tracks I wound up playing either just used video game sounds, appeared in a trailer, or just happened to share a name with a video game. I pulled out every single video gamey track I had, and the end result is here.

A little bit before the party I was asked to give up half an hour of my set for a guy who was going to play live chiptunes off of two Gameboys. That is of course, awesome as hell, so I immediately agreed and cut it down to 90 minutes, and set out for the party with my recorder. Unfortunately the actual live recording didn't turn out due to the only open output on the mixer being the booth monitor, and I accidentally cranked the knob, which turned it all into a clippy mess.

So I decided to do the first Sort of Not Really Live Volume I've done in a year and a half. This is the original two hour set that I had planned, not the version that actually got played at the party. I've also added Technikore's Like A Meteor as it's AMAZING, and totally would've got included had it been out at the time. Well it's out now, so I chucked it in there. Woo!

As it's a two hour mix I uploaded two different versions. One is the full length two hour mix in its entirety. The other is the same mix, but split into two one hour halves for people who like to burn CDs. Besides a fade in/fade out right before Take Control's first breakdown, they are exactly the same. The tracklist is split into parts to reflect the split.

Right, so that's enough talking, let's get down to the good stuff!

New Mix: Sort of Not Really Live Volume 10 5788802_

Saiyan - Sort of Not Really Live Volume 10: Locally Grown - Magic Mushrooms

Download the full two hour mix here:
Download Part 1 here:
Download Part 2 here:

Part 1:

Download the full two hour mix here:
Download Part 1 here:
Download Part 2 here:

Frostmourne Hungers (World of Warcraft)
Nobuo Uematsu - Terra's Theme (Matduke Remix) - CD-R (Final Fantasy VI)
SynthWulf - Star Ocean - Nu Energy (Star Ocean)
ryCore - Nuke 'Em (Alex Bassjunkie's Straightjacket Mix) - Bassface (Duke Nukem 3D)
Spirit Wolf - Metal Gear - CD-R (Metal Gear Solid 2)
Phaaze - Unsecure Place (T-Virus Edit) - CD-R (Resident Evil 4)
Koji Kondo and Hajime Wakai - Starwolf Theme (Ranzor Remix) - CD-R (Star Fox 64)
Nobuo Uematsu - The Decisive Battle (Matduke Remix) - CD-R (Final Fantasy VI)
S3RL - Finish Him - Cloud 9 (Mortal Kombat)
Eufeion - Mortal Kombat - CD-R (Mortal Kombat)
Brisk and Stormtrooper - Twatris - Next Generation (Tetris)
Smash and Devastate - The Gobbler - CD-R (Pac-Man)
SPeedX - Tribute To Super Mario - MPT/RLK (Super Mario Bros)
Eufeion - Megaman Blast - CD-R (Mega Man 3)
Haze and S3RL - Street Fighter - Executive (Street Fighter II)
The Awful Din - Game Gear 1.0 - Dissonance (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)
Orbit1 featuring MC Enemy - It Don't Stop - Future Noize (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Gammer and JB-C - Wonkey Donkey Kong - Muffin Music (Donkey Kong)
Little Miss Detonate - Sweet Dude - CYFI
Furries in a Blender - Baby Bowser's Lullaby - LapFox Trax (Yoshi's Story)
Sparky - Press Play On Tape (And Play With My Joystick) - CYFI
Hoodzie -Gaming - Tried n Tested (Various)
S3RL and Auscore - Green Hills - Relentless Digital (Sonic The Hedgehog)
Shimamura - The Jams - Dynasty
Nu Foundation - Wizzy (Darwin Remix) - Hardcore Underground (Sonic The Hedgehog 2)

Part 2:

Download the full two hour mix here:
Download Part 1 here:
Download Part 2 here:

Gammer - Take Control - Muffin Music
S.I.D.R. and Pump Estate - Microcontroller - Flammable
Stormtrooper - Arcade - Thin n Crispy
Ian K - Tango Sucka - CYFI (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2)
Audio Warfare - Dr. Wily - CD-R (Mega Man 2)
Auscore and Drewz - Pokecore - Bassface (Pokemon)
Gammer - N+ - Muffin Music (N+)
Technikore - Simian Hardcore Disco - Supersonik Most Wanted (Donkey Kong Country)
SPIT - Shenmue - CD-R (Shenmue)
SynthWulf featuring Zoe Van West - Rena - NEC/CYFI (Star Ocean 2)
La Roux - In 4 The Kill (Alex Bassjunkie Remix) - CD-R (Bayonetta)
S3RL - Pika Girl - EMFA (Pokemon)
Seb - Rainbow Islands (Anon 2010 Remix) - Beasty Belter (Rainbow Islands: Bubble Bobble 2)
Shimamura - Tokyo Hardcore Music All Night Long (Gammer Remix) - Rebuild Music
M-Project vs Donk Terrorist - Nyakina Cat - CD-R (Various Crappy Nyan Cat Flash Games)
Rize and NRG - Bubble Bobble (Retro Coin-Op Mix) - CD-R (Bubble Bobble)
Ian K featuring Umi - Not In Love - Allcom
Eufeion - Zelda's Ass (VIP Mix) - CD-R (The Legend of Zelda)
Dougal and Gammer vs Mistabishi - Wii Go Crazy (Printer Jam Mashup) - Essential Platinum/Hospital
Technikore - Like A Meteor (Aeris' Theme) - Supersonik (Final Fantasy VII)
Luna-C - Still Alive - KFA (Portal)
The End Has Come (World of Warcraft)
Mad Dog and Amnesys - Game Over - Traxtorm

Download the full two hour mix here:
Download Part 1 here:
Download Part 2 here:

As usual, download more my hardcore mixes right here! and my euro mixes here!

All questions, comments, bookings, death threats, fireflowers, 1ups, and tanuki suits can be sent to:

Website: <- Getting built eventually

I've got some more mix projects in the works, expect those in the new year!

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