Releases this (2) week(s) - June 13th - June 26th 2011

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Releases this (2) week(s) - June 13th - June 26th 2011 Empty Releases this (2) week(s) - June 13th - June 26th 2011

Post by Stray on Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:24 am

Sorry I didn't put one of these up last week guys. Because of that I'll cover 2 weeks this time Smile Before I get into the releases, 2 quick mentions. 1st of all, Rebuild Music's "Die Another Day" only has 20 copies left! If you haven't picked it up now it's your last chance, like the Worldwide Freeform albums once it's gone it's gone, so get it quick. Unfortunately I can't get this one as one of my kids had to have surgery and cost me a shitload of money so I'll be kicking myself for ages that I don't have these tunes, but you guys can still snap it up. You can grab it here

2nd mention is Kevin Energy's Final album is coming out on Monday (or Tuesday depending on where you live). It's an artist album with some awesome new tunes and some unreleased classics so definately a worthwhile purchase. Snap up the limited edition CD copy here or the digital copy here

Commercial Releases:

NEC - NUNRG098 - Nick 235 -
New EP by Nick 235. Nick teams up with Solution for Terrorist which has a really hard sound to it. Dark, hard and driving. Next is Madmax, where he samples the Mel Gibson movie with the same name. Funky freeform here, with an awesome acid sound in the background. Finishing up is Kevin Energy's remix of his & Solutions Feelin Kinda Strange.
Kev darkens it up for this one with a cool stomping section before going into some cool twisted sounds.

Raw Elements - ELEM036 - Sc@r - Bad Dreams -
Old school stylee! Big kicks and a cool Freeformy sound to this track

Vacuum - vac015b - Pulse - Lost in Beats -
Our very own pulse provides some uplifting Freeform. With those acid sounds I love over the top, this is a killer hands in the air tune.

Vacuum - vac015a - Pulse - Mind Kontrol -
The other half to Pulses latest release. Trancey feel to it, and an absolutely beautiful melody. The breakdown has a very euphoric feeling to it, then the driving bass kicks in.

Free tracks:
Not as many Freebies to announce this week, as I've started the Free Freeform thread, I'll put most of the stuff there. I'll just use this section for any new tunes that appear on the websites I listed at the start of the other thread.

IAF - Kinky -
IAF - Pocalypse -
DJ RX - Hellfire -
RANK1 -Airwave (Betwixt & Between Bootleg)


NEC Podcasts - Greg Peaks & Endemic -
2 new shows as I left out last week. Peaks provided an awesome guest mix on the NEC show, playing some of his own stuff, some NEC stuff and just some different stuff. Endemic did what Endemic do, cranked quality tunes and had nonsense featuring Morris Piper. Both shows should definately be downloaded.

Alek Szahala & Byproduct - Live at Assembly 2010 -
Mix recorded in 2010 (as the title says lol). Finrg style Freeform

Thumpa - Hardcore Underground Freeform Show -
Mix of new and upcoming Freeform.

Thumpa - Real Fucking Classic Freefrom - ?e40mihfn0y67n2b
Mix of old school Freeform/Trancecore between 1997-2000

Well, that will do I guess. Remember if anyone wants me to put there releases in this weekly (I'll definately try to make it weekly from now on Razz) thread, post your release in the releases section, PM me through here or shoot me an email at

New Freeform Forum address! - see you all on the other side Razz

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