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Forum rules - Please read. Empty Forum rules - Please read.

Post by Stray on Sat May 14, 2011 2:49 pm

OK, I've never been a massive fan of rules. But I suppose there better be SOME kind of order here. Sooooo.... here are some guidelines:

Swearing - I don't give a fuck if you swear (see what I did there Razz). Just try not to be excessive.

Offensive material - Don't post porn. The site that hosts this forum says no, so don't post it and the forum won't get shut down. If you are going to post a link to something people may find offensive, I don't personally care, but someone might, so just give a warning 1st.

No "isms" - Racism, sexism, religousism (is that even a word?) are all no-nos. Don't be a hater.

On the hater tip, don't be abusive to other users. Jokes is jokes, and I know I won't care if you take the piss out of me (as long as you expect it back), but some people are more sensitive than others so don't take it past a joke. Heated discussions are all good, just don't get too abusive.

New rule - No talk about filesharing. Well, that's not entirely correct, discussion on the subject is fine, but no links/requests for illegal downloads.

OK, that's all the rules I can think of. I may add more as we go along, or I may not.

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