A.B - Stamina Records Info + New Music

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A.B - Stamina Records Info + New Music

Post by A.B on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:17 pm

Hi all.

Below are a couple of new bits on my Soundcloud. All are F/C on a new label which I have set up to at least try and partly fill the void left by Nu Energy & Relentless. The label will offer two track EPs every month or sooner, with the aim of each track being the opposite of the other style-wise in a bid to promote those producers who have the potential to be diverse! The tracks will also be up for individual download and will of course be available through Hardbeats Download first, with other stores to follow a couple of weeks after. Hardbeats Download will also stock CD singles of the releases. There’s some pretentious label waffle that you can read on the Stamina Records facebook page here – please like the page to be kept up-to-date!


Here are the first three tracks from the label. They will be released alongside the launch of the new Hardbeats Download store, which is looking approximately to go live mid July.




Other clips to be added shortly to the label Soundcloud – please follow us here:



Alex / A.B


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Re: A.B - Stamina Records Info + New Music

Post by Stray on Fri Jul 01, 2011 11:58 am

Ahh, nothing wrong with a bit of spam (self promoting) AB Razz. I must say Stamina, and HardBeats Collective as a whole, looks really promising. The clips sound cool plus the forthcoming tunes I hear through the NEC podcast all sound really good. Keep em coming Razz

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