Releases this week - June 27th - July 3rd 2011

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Releases this week - June 27th - July 3rd 2011 Empty Releases this week - June 27th - July 3rd 2011

Post by Stray on Sun Jul 03, 2011 7:10 am

Well, it's that time again. Here is this weeks Freeform releases!

Commercial Releases:

Kevin Energy - My Rave - (Digital Copy); (Physical CD)
Had to start off with this one. Kevin Energy's last release, and what a massive one. 37 full length tracks and 2 mixes, covering brand new releases & some Kev Energy classics. I have been playing this one a lot the last few days, massive release and a fitting farewell to a man who has given so much to the music we love.

Douglas - Dreams of Chaos/false sense of security
2nd last NEC release ever. That signature Douglas sound comes across in Dreams of Chaos. Very deep tech sounding track. Next up he teams up with Lost Soul for False Sense of Security. This is one track I've really been hanging for the release of. Hard and trippy, this track will have you lost. Epic, just epic. Last on the EP is Transcend remix of Dreams of Chaos. Transcend takes the original on a Trancey tip, very hard dance influenced.

Essi - Bass Phaze -
Twisted sounds meets Dubstep. A dancefloor track. Very driving sound to it.

Free tracks:
I won't give a description of the Free tracks as it just takes too long and I'm feeling lazy lol! I'll just post the style and you guys can work it out for yourselves Razz

Alek Szahala - Ziggurat - (Finrg)

Le Dos-On - Stance - (uplifting/finrg styled)
Le Dos-On - Mental Madness - (Deep)

DJ RX - Code of Silence - (Hard Trance)
DJ RX - Code of Silence (JNKS Remix) - (Finrg)


Nu Energy Collective Podcast 100 - Kevin Energy -
Bit sad this one. Kev, and Nu Energy's, last podcast on Krafty. Brilliant end to it though, as Kev shows off some stuff from My Rave and NEC100, as well as well as a few classics. At least it's not the end for the shows, Hardbeats Collective will be starting next week to carry the torch.

Pulse - Freeform Show Guest mix -
Thanks to Pulse for this one. A recording of the 1st member of this forum (apart from me of course) from the Freeform show on 30/6/11. Awesome tracks, awesome mixing, a must download.

Spirit Wolf - Hunting with the Acid Pack - ?iscqesglz6naiqx
Nice, varied tracklist on this one. Some of my fav tunes of the moment on it too, and a few classics thrown in for good measure.

J-Kub - Freeform Session 46 -
Nice selection of tunes, and a nice fast pace to it. Mixed a bit faster than most Freeform mixes so one for those that like it a touch faster (like me Razz)

DJ A.K - Classic Freeform Mix - ?yodvdnynmim
A nice mix of Freeform/Trancecore classic tracks. For those around during the time these songs came out this mix will bring back some memories, for those that weren't it's a good lesson in old school classics Smile

Well that's about it for this week. Remember if anyone wants me to add anything to these weekly posts shoot me an email at or just message me here.

New Freeform Forum address! - see you all on the other side Razz

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